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Meet Ricky Supan

Inspired by his family’s love for music, Ricky Supan learned at an early age that life has rhythm. Tempos change. Melodies change. Playing guitar in a band taught Ricky the value in listening. What do band members have to say to musically? This conversation results in calls and responses. If a tempo change is introduced, who answers? If a musician calls for a melodic shift, who replies. When everyone is intently listening, music can be beautiful, it can be uplifting, its can be profoundly spiritual. Listening to clients describe their own life’s rhythm, by calling on our assistance and replying with solutions, is incredibly satisfying. Without listening, no question can be heard, and no solution provided.

Ricky, along with his sister Lynn , was raised in a multigenerational household. Balancing the demands of physicians’ schedules meant they spent many of their early years with their maternal grandparents while their parents did their rounds at the hospital. So, from an early age Ricky learned the importance of family and friends. This experience continues to influence and inspire Ricky. He is incredibly grateful for the experiences and values that he gained at home.

An active member of his native Chattanooga community, Ricky has helped many individuals and organizations thrive through financial wellbeing. As Director and Senior Portfolio Manager, Ricky serves as a lighthouse for those navigating the perilous financial seas. Lighting the way to safe harbors, Ricky works with his colleagues in PAM to ensure the financial security of others.

As a member of PAM’s Investment Committee, Ricky has been integral into the evolution of portfolio solutions for clients. Listening to the individual rhythms of clients has resulted in solutions that serve their current and future needs. His contributions have been essential in establishing new partnerships and collaborations which have resulted in new investment opportunities not previously available.

His leadership has been recognized by his election as Board Chair for several local nonprofits including the Association for Visual Artists and Greenspaces in addition to his previous executive committee roles with prior organizations.

Not one to take himself too seriously, Ricky suffers the plight of everyday golfers by pretending to know how to play. He is also active in promoting the sport of Squash in the Southeast by competing in regular tournament play. He is a founding member of Scenic City Squash in Chattanooga, and deeply committed to promoting the sport that values sportsmanship, critical thinking, and creativity.

Ricky’s passion for music and art is shared with his wife Angie. As co-curator for a local gallery, she has greatly influenced Ricky’s vision and enabled him to see the beauty in all things. They say opposites attract, but Ricky would say that together they are better with each complimenting the other. Having met in high school, they have spent the last 27 years together. They celebrated their fifteen-year anniversary this April. They live with their two dogs Laney and Rosie. Together, they enjoy traveling and engaging in unique experiences.

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